Pipe Bending

Siebert Pneumatics & Hydraulics Tube Bending Center: Tailor-made precision tubes for every application

Bent pipes are indispensable in many areas. They enable pipes to be adapted to tight installation situations and complex geometries. Siebert Pneumatik & Hydraulik specializes in the production of curved precision tubes and offers them for all industries.

Competence from a single source

The Siebert Pneumatics & Hydraulics pipe bending center has a wide range of bending processes and materials. The center’s experts have many years of experience in fluid technology and can master even complex challenges. You work closely with the specialists from the Siebert Pneumatics & Hydraulics branches to offer customers the best possible advice and support.

Ready-to-assemble pipe sets

Upon request, Siebert Pneumatics & Hydraulics will provide ready-to-assemble pipe sets. These are delivered directly to the customer’s assembly stations, including just-in-time delivery. This ensures that the pipelines can be installed quickly and smoothly.

gebogene Rohre

Our services

  • Everything is possible, from project planning and drawing creation to production and installation
  • Small, medium and large series of over 1000 pieces are possible without any problems
  • Production according to drawings, CAD data or sample cables possible
  • Processing lengths up to 6m and diameters up to 42mm possible
  • Together with our partner Parker Hannifin, a wide range of options for pipes up to 220mm: information material
  • Upon request, including a 3.1 acceptance test certificate for the material used, as well as quality assurance test reports to compare the workpiece with customer specifications
  • Machine park: 1x fully automatic CNC, 2x semi-automatic bending machines
  • 3D measuring system
  • mobile tube bending and tube processing machines
  • Kitting: Compilation of several product groups for direct assembly at the customer’s site
  • Pipes, pipe clamps, screw connections, hose lines, brackets, special requests, etc.
  • Large pipes via welding are also included in the scope of delivery
  • Marking with different labels possible
  • Nuts and cutting rings as well as EO2FORM, Triple Lok or O-Lok, depending on the wall thickness, can be offered for pipe finishing.
Planung und Konzeption zur Rohrbiegung

Why pipes are bent

Bent tubes are used in a variety of applications including:

Mechanical engineering: Bent tubes are used to manufacture machine parts such as housings, frames and axles.

Vehicle construction: Bent pipes are used to manufacture vehicle parts such as chassis, bodies and exhaust systems.

Construction: Bent pipes are used to make structural elements such as stairs, railings and pipes.

Furniture Industry: Bent pipes are used to make furniture such as chairs, tables and shelves.